Logical reasoning about knowledge, actions and abilities

Logic & Computation

Logical approaches and methods are becoming increasingly popular and important in the modelling and analysis of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems (MAS). A variety of rich logical frameworks have been introduced for capturing, formalisation and reasoning about various aspects of MAS, incl. knowledge, communication, actions and strategic abilities of individual agents and groups of agents. This course is intended for a wide audience with basic knowledge of classical logic and propositional modal logics. I will introduce and discuss some of the most important and popular models and logics for reasoning about knowledge, agency, actions, and abilities of intelligent agents multi-agent systems. The emphasis of the course will be on conceptual understanding of the logical languages and models and on applying them to specify and analyse properties of MAS. I illustrate these with several well-known scenarios, such as card games, epistemic puzzles, some games with incomplete information, etc. Some technical results will be mentioned but not presented in detail.

Second week
11:00 - 12:30 - slot 2