Health and safety

Emergency medical care: In case of a medical emergency go directly to a hospital, where emergency services are generally available. A social security health card (TSI), a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for an EU resident visiting Spain, or proof of private insurance should be presented at the hospital. The EHIC card gives the right to free emergency treatment for residents of EU/EEA countries in state hospitals or clinics only. Treatments not qualifying as an emergency are not free. Bilateral agreements exist with some countries such as Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Andorra. Citizens from these countries may benefit from free medical treatment in cases of medical emergencies or accidents. Citizens of other countries should have private medical insurance when travelling to Spain.

In case of emergency call Medical Service (Ambulancia), Tel: 061.

Personal safety: Barcelona was recently ranked the 15th safest city in the world by The Economist. However, it is very easy to get pickpocketed or otherwise robbed. Do not leave any bag unattended, be very careful in public transportation, and watch out if a stranger starts talking to you -- thieves often work in pairs, one distracting the victim and the other taking the wallet or bag. We also advise to wear any backpack on the front in the center, especially in places with a lot of people like inside the metro. If you get robbed, contact us the ESSLLI office, either in person or via e-mail at esslli2015 AT gmail DOT com (you can also use our webform). Spanish authorities also have a special English-language telephone number for victims of crimes who wish to make a police report (denuncia) but do not speak Spanish. The number is (+34) 902 102 112. It operates from 9-21h daily, and you will be instructed on the phone where to find the police station (comisarĂ­a) where you must go to sign the report and obtain a copy.