Please note: Barcelona is a very popular tourist destination, especially in August. You should not wait until the last minute to book your travel or accommodation. As time goes by, availability goes down and prices go up.

We offer two accommodation options, Urbany and Onix, which can be reserved through the registration web page as long as there is availability. More information below. There are of course many other accommodations options in Barcelona, which you are free to explore if these do not suit your needs. We have chosen not to endorse any specific web sites, but there are many. If you choose to rent private accommodations, be careful to do so through a reliable site. The city has become vigilant in recent months about controlling unregulated rental offerings. If you choose to look for something on your own, the closest areas to the ESSLLI site are Poblenou, Glories, Clot, the Vila Olimpica, and Fort Pienc.

Option 1: Urbany

Particularly with students in mind, we have blocked a group of rooms at Urbany Barcelona Hostel. This hostel is about a 10-15 min. walk to the ESSLLI site and very conveniently located to public transportation and a large shopping center with many food options in all price ranges.

All of the rooms at Urbany are shared, with either 4, 6 or 8 beds. There are some all-female rooms, but most are mixed. Each room has its own bathroom and reasonably-sized, individual, secure lockers. Breakfast is included, and the hostel has cooking and washing facilities and free wifi. Though a meal plan is in principle available, we have opted not to include it because the dining hours are not compatible with the time of the evening activities and because we felt that there were sufficient alternatives available. The hostel is air-conditioned.


  • 1 bed in a 4-bed room:
    • 6 nights (2-8/8 or 9-14/8): 180€
    • 13 nights (2-15/8): 390€
  • 1 bed in a 6- or 8-bed room:
    • 6 nights (2-8/8 or 9-14/8): 162€
    • 13 nights (2-15/8): 351€

The hostel has offered us 32 4-person rooms, 14 6-person rooms, and 9 8-person rooms.

Please keep in mind:

  • This accommodation option was guaranteed only up to April 30th, except for those students who are presenting a paper or poster in the student session, who will have until 10 days after notification of acceptance to make a reservation. However, we encourage you to inquire about room availability.
  • Reservations must be made on an individual basis. However, if groups of you want to arrange to share a room, please send an email to with the list of individuals who want to share and we will pass that information on to the hostel. We will do our best to accommodate such requests, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so in all cases. Please be understanding.

Option 2: Onix

For those who prefer an individual or 2-person room, we have also blocked rooms at the Residència Onix, about a 15-20 min. walk from the ESSLLI site and also very convenient to public transportation. This is where lecturers will be offered accommodations. Instructions on how to make a reservation at Onix are available on the registration web page.

The prices Onix is offering us are listed in the following chart.

(Note: Shared kitchen options are not listed here, if you are interested in such an option, please inquire directly with Onix.)

ONIX Rates Weekly Daily
Single room or double room with single use (private kitchen) 266 € + 10% VAT 50 €+ 10% VAT
Double room with private kitchen (all have 2 single beds) 350 €+ 10% VAT 61 €+ 10% VAT
Triple room (= double room with extra bed) 420 €+ 10% VAT 79 €+ 10% VAT
Quadruple room (= double rooms joined by a kitchen) 450 €+ 10% VAT 97 €+ 10% VAT
PARKING VEHICLES 40 €+ 10% VAT 15 €+ 10% VAT
PARKING Bicycles Free Free
Damage deposit (refundable) 100 € 100 €

Payment info:

  • Onix is giving us preference for reservations until APRIL 30.
  • Onix requests payment in full by June 15.
  • ALL GUESTS will be asked to leave a 100€ refundable deposit (typically in the form of a hold on your credit card) upon arrival, to cover any damage/loss to material in the room.
  • ANY CANCELLATIONS AFTER JULY 3 cannot be refunded.