Algebraic and proof theoretical methods in dynamic logics

Language & Logic

Dynamic logics are among the logical formalisms which found the widest range of applications, from computer programs specification to measurements in models of quantum physics and belief revision. Recent research shows that dynamic systems can be fruitfully extended outside the realm of classical logic, allowing one to better cope with reasoning contexts in which the account provided by classical logic appears to be inadequate in many respects. However, a satisfactory formal treatment of dynamic logics, from a syntactic as well as a semantic point of view, faces non-trivial technical problems which become even more serious when moving to a non-classical setting. In this course we will introduce students to the varied landscape of dynamic logics, showing how a close interplay between algebraic and proof-theoretic techniques provides a uniform and insightful perspective on them, both at the level of syntactic calculi and of different alternative semantics.

First week
09:00 - 10:30 - slot 1