Event pluralities

Language & Logic

This course examines the grammatical expression of event plurality in its empirical bases and formal representations. Unlike nominal plural marking that typically express a multiplicity of individuals, many markers of event plurality impose restrictions beyond simple multiplicity of events. We specifically examine the restrictions in three domains: (i) the distribution of the event plurality across plural participants, times and space, (ii) the quantificational force of the plurality marker (quantificational vs. cardinalised plurality) and (iii) the type of plural nominals permitting distribution across participants. Drawing on a range of event plurality markers (verbal marking, reduplicated numerals, adverbials) we show that markers of event plurality do not form a homogeneous class, and the semantic analysis has to distinguish plurality markers imposing distribution over time and participants and additive plurality markers from other markers of event multiplicity.

First week
17:00 - 18:30 - slot 4